Water Wheel

Green Securities

We accelerate the development of sustainable energy and make green investment more accessible and profitable

Why we

do what

we do

We boost solar development.

Water Wheel Green Securitues is the parent company of several companies that accelerate the development of rooftop solar energy. We bridge the gap between solar energy potential and green investors. 

We make green projects more profitable, accessible and effortless.

Solar Development Corporation offers turn-key solutions for solar panel installations on roofs of commercial real estate.

We offer the opportunity to invest in own solar panels in an easy way and hassle free. We work with renowned industry partners to minimize risk and maximize long-term profitability.

Green Securities Advisory and nx’change offer an innovative trading platform with the possibility to list green energy projects.

Nx’change for Green Securities is a regulated trading platform with all required permits issued by the Dutch Authority of Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Ministry of Finance.

About us

Our goal is to accelerate the development of green energy by connecting solar investment potential and green capital markets.

We develop green ‘power companies’ on roofs of commercial real estate and list these companies on the nx’change trading platform for trade and investment possibilities.

Through development and management of green rooftop solar energy we fulfil the needs of both the real estate owner and green investor. We offer a hassle-free, transparent and high quality solar solution to real estate while increasing its sustainable value.

In addition, by offering an innovative financing solution we make green investment more accessible and profitable. This is how we will accelerate the energy transition.

Future (P)roof, delivered.